Sunday, July 15, 2012

Its the Final Countdown duh duh duh DUH!

Although our countdown isn't nearly as epic as the band Europe's fist raising, head banging ballad (I'm not sure if it qualifies as a ballad), the countdown has officially begun. Brian leaves in four days to start his journey. It'll take him two days of driving and then the day after he arrives he starts work. =/ It seems our life has been down to the last minute for the last few years, getting a new midwife, house, job all a small handful of days before Adeline's birth for example. It just seems that is how the Phigg family works. I'm not going to try to deny its not stressful when life plays out that way but it has given me a tremendous amount of faith in our families ability to accomplish things together. We battle the stress well together and thank goodness for that.
  For now, I'm taking my well deserved "break", I am writing with my youngest daughter strapped on my back as I try to rock her to sleep and Xy is sleeping in! Xy's room happens to be next on my list of rooms to tackle so I am taking this time to update my blog...probably not the most productive thing I could be doing but after the multiple glasses of wine last night, sleeping in an awkward Mama made friends with the wine bottle position and now she has a blocked milk duct, writing is the activity I'm sticking to until Xy wakes up.

And shes up!

I have a few moments before the breakfast demands start pouring out so here I go...

I am nervous for this move but I know that if we don't take this step now we will always regret it. The idea of leaving is much more romantic than actually leaving. ha. I am excited though, when I see pictures of the area I am blown away, I still don't believe this is possible. The photo was sent to us, Carbondale, CO. I'm in love.

Brian keeps reminding me that everything will be ok and I know it will. As soon as we have more details figured out, like housing, the date the girls and I are heading out there, I will feel much better. As of now I'm looking at a month without Brian and that makes my heart ache. He is my partner, best friend, lover, the person who makes me laugh the hardest, the person I know I can be as honest as I've ever been with and the person who always makes me feel better, he is my love. Be prepared for some heartachin' posts in the next 30 days... ha.

Well I am off! Off to convince the 3 year old that it is ok to box up her beloved stuffed animals. I'm not sure how many times I have said "He/She will meet you at the NEW house!" ha :)


  1. Hi :) I'm browsing for some new, random blogger friends and came across yours. Good luck with your move!