Monday, September 10, 2012

Moving blog...

I will be moving my blog elsewhere because of privacy issues... comment if you'd like the new location or contact me on facebook.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

25 days of camping!

Yes, we survived 25 days of camping. I could write a novel talking about everything we learned on our experience. The adventures we encountered but I just don't have the energy to today. What I can say is although we had days where we weren't sure if this was right we know its very very right. Colorado has already introduced us to so much love and adventure not to mention career opportunities and steps closer to our dreams. We feel so blessed and so happy right now, we are a little too exhausted right now to really rant and rave about how happy we are but our faces show it. We've simplified our life, we've strengthened our bond, we conquered our fears and are getting closer to our dreams. I feel great, I feel alive, I feel like the me I lost so many years ago. In my babies and in my husbands eyes I've found the ability to bring me back out. I am so excited about our days, we stumbled into an amazing log cabin on a beautiful ranch with everything we could want near us, we are in an area that is completely breathtaking and both have opportunities in the near future to quit our days jobs and do the things we LOVE to support our family. There are so many people I wish I could come in contact with and tell them how excited about life I am and how I hope they are. I want to encourage all of my loved ones to chase their dreams and make them happen. Its all possible, it really is. You just have to MAKE it. I've made so many mistakes, I've been so wrong, I've burned bridges but I did those things while trying to figure out who the hell I am and where the hell I am going. I've finally found the path I've been searching for. I have a long way to go, life will get me down, it will be hard BUT I've got it. I have never felt so renewed before. I am full of love and life. I am tired though, those 25 nights of sleeping on the ground and not being able to stop my mama instincts from waking me up at every breaking stick has caught up with me. I am tired but I am happy. :)

We are alive. We are alive. We are alive!