Thursday, January 5, 2012

Slow down mama, you're moving too fast...

These last few months my list of things I want to learn, make, do has grown so quickly. For some reason I tend to overwhelm myself with things Id like to accomplish and then become very disappointed in myself when I dont acomplish them.
Im not sure why I do this, I guess I want to be supermom... Make their toys, grow their food, make their clothes, you know that sort of stuff. I guess the desire stems from a not so terrible place but unfortunately is has caused me to become exhausted, overwhelmed and then terribly bummed out because I dont feel like Im doing enough. Its a weird cycle I have found myself stuck in these last few weeks. I think the holidays kicked that up quite a bit. I cooked, I cleaned, I baked, I made presents...I just slowly overloaded myself with things to do. And let me tell you, Ive got plenty of "things to do" already, three dogs, a cat and two kids keeps me plenty busy.
 So just when the holidays of my babes turn 3. Third birthday, kind of a big deal so I can't be lazy on this! Well again I tried to take on too much and totally stressed myself I asked for help. Something I have a hard time doing, even if Im asking my mister. I have a hard time admitting my short comings I suppose. I feel a lot better though. The mamas I asked for help have been more than amazing and an old friend even offered to come and help me bake all the cupcakes, the idea of frosting 30+ cupcakes really made me tired. In the end...thank you friends and mister for helping me get this done. Well almost done, the party is in two days and I think Im ready. No actually Im not, I still have several things to do. ha. There is another family birthday this month but I will not be hosting a party or anything of that nature, its my birthday. ;)
From here on out, Im slowing myself down and taking it easy. I feel like Im missing the important moments because Im trying to be a better mom. Im going to just take it one thing at a time. Ive accomplished a few of my little goals but Im going to slow down on the rest. Silly huh? I probably sound pretty crazy to those who don't have kids yet.

Oh life...

 Just when you feel like you're about to explode...ask for help, itll make you feel better trust me.

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  1. Wise words dear Rachel! I can soooo relate. Hope the birthdays are wonderful!